Foods that should be avoided due to a high amount of industrial chemicals and pesticide residues.
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A list of the best foods to eat that enhance fertility in women.
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People who smoke already know the harmful effects it has on health, but those who don't know can find out now.
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Worst Addictions 20 items ranked
I cannot think of any addiction that can be healthy for us not even exercise everything can be overdone to the point that it can become dangerous. I am sure I will not list all addictions here there are so many. Should you see one not listed please add it.
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As soon as we're born, we begin taking in toxic substances, from mother's body, food, the air, water... if we don't detoxify regularly, those toxic buildups cause health problems. It's a simple fix.
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Top 20 "Fad" Workouts 20 items ranked
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The new health reform bill has created lots of controversy. Here are some of the top benefits of health reform.
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