The greatest people of one of Japan's most tumultuous eras!
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Top Theme Parks Worldwide 20 items ranked
The best parks to travel to enjoy rides, environment, and etc.
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Haunted places in the world 22 items ranked
This list mentions the places in the where that literally sends a shiver down the spine.
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From Guatemala south to Costa Rica, there are many volcanoes along the Sierra Madre range.
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During much of the 20th century, giant ocean liners plied the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and New York. Some of these great liners still existed while some can only be seen in old photos while others rest peacefully on the ocean floor. A distinction should be drawn between ocean liner and cruise liner. Cruise liners are meant for entertainment and calm seas while ocean liners are built to ferry passengers across the rough Atlantic Ocean.
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Their difficult names shouldn’t keep us from learning more about this marvelous mythology.
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Besides the United States, without technology, it is difficult to say which country has the best trained military. This subjective measure of “best trained” will depends on the number of personnel trained and the quality of the trained in each respective field. Below is a list of countries that had a structured military system for at least 200 years of its history.
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List of deadliest floods 23 items ranked
Floods have killed millions of people and left even more homeless. Here is a list of floods, which killed the most humans.
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Best City in Europe 53 items ranked
The best place for living or just for holidays.
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Top Countries To Live 50 items ranked
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