This list mentions the largest deserts in the world.
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Important items to pack when going to Austria that may not be easy to get once you are there.
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The Most Interesting Coins 20 items ranked
If you’re a numismatist, this is going to be a difficult list for you.
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Top (U.S.) Senators 23 items ranked
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Throughout the ages, as the earth land mass drifted apart, man has been using architecture to bridge the gaps between two land masses. Most of these bridges are also regarded as landmarks and are the lifeline of many economies around the world. Below is a list of bridges that famous all over the world for the role they played in world or local history.
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The Most Violent Typhoons 21 items ranked
As natural disasters, typhoons are cyclones occurring in the tropical regions. They can be stronger and more devastating than a tornado.
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Most Spoken Languages 25 items ranked
In no particular order, some reach the list due to the sheer number of people in a country, others have made this list because they are very popular languages
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