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The biggest, bloodiest, and most important battles of Japan's Warring States Period.
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The Most Beautiful Fountain 20 items ranked
Combining the movement of water with artificial elements is an art extremely difficult to master.
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This is a list of countries with the most number of total adult smokers.
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World's largest meteorites 17 items ranked
List of largest meteorites found on earth
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A list of places that saw significant earthquakes in 2009
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We have all seen those cooking shows and competitions where one chef faces another or restaurants are built so chefs can prove their skills. This list contains those who have already proven themselves time and time again. The chef’s vary in type and style of cooking so opinions may differ based on taste. Check out the Top 20 Chef’s from around the world.
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Extinct European Languages 20 items ranked
The Indo-European language group is a large one with over 400 languages. Due to the passage of time, however, some of those languages are either at risk of becoming extinct or are extinct. Here is a list of those languages.
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If your a fan of fashion then and plan on starting school. Here is a list of the top Fashion schools in the world.
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