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List of the most scenic places to teach English in the world.
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As the effects of climate change begins to to become more pronounced countries that are responsible for dumping the bulk of CO2 into the atmosphere are beginning to take steps to curb this practice.
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Countries by best economy, army, navy, air force, weapon, tech, other.
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We have all seen those cooking shows and competitions where one chef faces another or restaurants are built so chefs can prove their skills. This list contains those who have already proven themselves time and time again. The chef’s vary in type and style of cooking so opinions may differ based on taste. Check out the Top 20 Chef’s from around the world.
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Most Religious Countries 22 items ranked
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An important architect of the Veneto who greatly influenced the American home architecture, Palladio created villas of perfect equilibrium and elegant lines.
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Many battles in history have occurred that have really changed things. They have either been turning points in wars or they have changed how people have thought about war.
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Top 20 Hiring Companies 20 items ranked
Top hiring companies in 2010
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Top Anime Forums Sites 35 items ranked
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