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Greenest Eco-Friendly Ideas 25 items ranked
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Located around the equator in south East Asia, Indonesia is an archipelago of 17,508 islands that scatters over both sides of the equator. It has with an estimated population of around 237 million people. It is also the world's 4th most populous country and the largest Muslim country in the world. There are around 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural differences that has developed over the centuries influenced by Arabic, Chinese, European, Indian and Malay sources. For example, the wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performances and the traditional Javanese and Balinese dances, contain remnants of Hindu culture and mythology. Below is list of some of the top attractions that any visitor to this enchanting country should experience and see.
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Most Daring Goals! 25 items ranked
Be careful now!
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Most Inspirational Songs 25 items ranked
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The greatest small liberal arts colleges in the United States, according to me!
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Every girl knows the importance of having a well accessorized handbag after all you never know when the need may arise for certain beauty products. After all it's a fashion jungle out and you need to be prepared.
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Best Women's Deodorants 25 items ranked
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These are the most memorable moments from the world of sports during the 1980s.
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Most Spoken Languages 25 items ranked
In no particular order, some reach the list due to the sheer number of people in a country, others have made this list because they are very popular languages
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