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Beers have always been regarded as a kind of food in Europe. Thus, it is not surprising that this beverage have become so much a part of our culture. Below is a list of 30 top selling brands of beer in the world. In a globalized economy, it is not surprising to find a multinational brewery owning two or three of the top selling brands.
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There are some things in life that we take for granted. We never noticed about these things because we never stop to pause and think about them. But if you will take a second look at them, you will know what I mean. Below is the list of 20 things that I had compiled about the things we take for granted.
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Although physical beauty in a woman might not be everything, it is definitely important. We definitely wouldn’t have Prince Charming asking Cinderella for dance had she not being the most beautiful girl at the ball. Psychological studies have illustrated that men still rank physical beauty as an important attribute that they look for in a woman. Even though men will never say “I love you for your beauty” in today’s politically correct world, it doesn’t mean that this is never in their thoughts. Asia as the world's largest and most populous continent covers 8.6% of the earth's land mass with about 4 billion people. It also has the largest diversity of culture and people and hence the largest number of beautiful women. Below is a list of the more well known countries that are on this continent each with their own unique ethnological make-up.
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Below is a list of the most romantic cities in the world.
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A branch of a nation’s military forces, a navy can include anything that floats. The main purpose of a navy is project its forces into areas beyond a country coast (Blue Water navy) and deter seaborne projection-of-force by enemies. Below is a list of navies that are considered the best in terms of size and technology.
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List of Famous Hackers
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Since ancient times, Muslims all over the world have built mosques that are renowned for their spectacular architectural beauty. In no particular order, the list below include some of the most beautiful mosques that have stood the test of time and are still is use by Muslims all over the world.
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One of the ways of assessing the safety record of an airline is by looking at the fatality rate of aircraft crashes. The following list below does not seek to recommend any airlines but just to show that they have no fatalities for any aircraft crashes between 1970 to present day.
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As the world largest and most populated continent with around 4 billion people, Asia is a treasure for those seeking cultural and culinary delights. Due to its size, there is a large range of different cultures and natural wonders spread across this continent. Thus, it is not surprising to find that this continent is one of the most popular destinations for million of holiday makers from around the globe. Below is a list of 15 of the most popular destinations in Asia for countless numbers of tourists.
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