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Top 10 Motley Crue Albums, Plus 3 Must Hear Songs off them.

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Motley Crue in 2011 will be on their 30th anniversary (read ‘The Dirt’, for their history it’s a good read), and what I’m doing here is putting 10 albums (based on the first commercial release version) in order of what I think are the best. Up to now thou Motley Crue, have only done 9 full albums (2010), so what I have done is chosen one of the compilation albums. It will be interesting to see how it will change and if one of you puts on one of the other compilation album as I will not put any more albums on after so it is up to you put them on and your 3 must hear Songs, but that doesn’t mean that they were singles off that album it’s just my choice (or your choice), plus why not tell me your songs off the albums if you do not agree with my must hear songs.

Rated 28 points - posted 13 years ago by Tone Def Rockstar in category Music.
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4.Shout At The Devil (1983) Report Abuse
The black album on Vinyl, but the Cassette and C.D (the first CD release by Electra), had the pictures that were in the gate fold of the Vinyl, on the cover why? (The rerelease one is black now). It’s My No.4.......” Red Hot” – A song they play live a lot, but it was not a single, I think is because of its high energy rhythm, which makes a great song live that they know the fans like, I like it anyway........ “Looks That Kill” – Don’t all women have that look when you do something wrong. Anyway it’s a great song......”Too Young To Fall In Love” – I have put this song here because I love the video for it, there acting in it is great but especially what Tommy does at the end.
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2.Too Fast For Love (1981) Report Abuse
Their debut album and the one I have put in second place, and what an album as well, this album influenced, the 80’ Glam Metal, with 10 songs, on their original release, done on their own , but when it was released by, Electra the album had 9 songs on it, but all as good as each other so here goes .......”Live Wire” – The one thing I like, about this song, it’s end not because I do not like song, it is just the way it ends with the stop and start that it does is just sounds so good......”Too Fast For Love” – Waanon, waanon. That is all I have to say about this song it’s just that good...... “Come On And Dance” – It’s the rhythm in this song that I like, and the way it has great part’s for the cow bell (this album has a lot of cow bell’s on it thou) it just sounds so good.
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5.Motley Crue (1994) Report Abuse
This is the album that has John Corabi on vocals. That was originally goanna be called, Till Death Do Us Part, I not know why it lost that title. But I do know it is still one great album and that I do not think that the songs will ever be sung live by Vince but it in at No 5....... “Hooligans Holiday” – This song was the first single, and has got 2 great remix that I got on my U.K limited edition C.D/vinyl single’s, they are the Extended Version and the Derelict Vision....... “Driftaway” – Great song to chill out to, I think is should have been release as a single, as this is a great ballad......”Misunderstood” – This is Motley doing there take on a Queen, style song as like Bohemian Rhapsody it has staring like a ballad but in the middle it rock’s out, I’d love for them to re-record it with Vince on vocals just to hear how he will sing it!
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1.Dr Feelgood (1989) Report Abuse
Dr Feelgood is the Crue’s biggest album to date and is triple platinum. This is the album I have put to No.1, this is a very hard album to just pick 3 songs off as all the tracks off this album are good. But I will start with.......”Kickstart My Heart” - This song was the first Motley Crue song that I heard (in 1991), as I seen the video on headbangers ball a show my then sisters boyfriend watched. (I did not listen to music much then as chart, music in the U.K was rubbish) this song made me go WOW and the video for this song is excellent.......”Same Ol’ Situation” - This song has one of them come and sing in it chorus (now you do not want to hear me sing that is why I gave myself that name), and music that all way make me happy when I hear it........”Time For Change” - This is one of them hope songs, and not the type of song that you expect from a band like, Motley Crue to do, which is why I love it, and it was just an album song, as the other ballad was chosen for release (that one was Motley Crue, biggest single off this album).
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3.Girls, Girls, Girls (1987) Report Abuse
This is my third place album and another all killer no filler album but that is what you get with a band like this...... “Wild Side” – This is the first song on this album and what away to start an album, this song is about life on the street of L.A (I think, correct me if I’m wrong).......”Girls, Girls, Girls” – This song has such a great video and a great intro it, just the sound of them bike engines...... “Sumthin' For Nuthin'” – What their life’s about, and probably all rock stars are about getting, girls and women of all ages whenever you want.
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7.Saints Of Los Angeles (2008) Report Abuse
I’m probably not being fair to this album, putting it at seventh place, as it’s a very good album as it’s a very hard album, maybe even their hardest album ever, as it has no slowing down on it, instead it has a slow intro but that is only 1:20, in a similar style to Shout At The Devil’s Album intro, also it is based on their book, so here is the choice off their last album...... “MF Of The Year” – Just the right song for them to sing on this album, after all this album is based around Dirt, and if you have read it, you’ll know what they got up to....... “Chicks = Trouble” – We all know that this song is true. It’s a great song as well.......” Goin’ Out Swinging” - It’s the last song on the album, and another song that wants you to just join it and sing............... I cannot wait for the 10th full studio album to come out (if you see this and you like it, can you try and write a song with “Tone Death Rock Star” in it somewhere. I’d love it).
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8.Generation Swine (1997) Report Abuse
The album after the Motley Crue Album, and Vince is back on vocals, and according to Vince it was John (two song’s were co wrote by him) that thought that he, should come back to Crue, and there were some rumours that John was going to be a second guitarist for the album and for the band, but that’s was all it was, another good album this is but it’s in 8th place because of the last song as it is just not good enough (Sorry, Tommy, I know it’s about love for your son) for a, album track, should of just been put on a single only here are my three tracks anyway........”Afraid” – The first single off the album and one of them (there was 3 CD singles released in the U.K), had “Lust For Life” a song that was suppose to go on Vince’s, Carved In Stone (1995) album, as he has put on the album credits he plays the bass on the song, but it is not on the album as it was replaced by “Skylar’s Song” which is probably why, Tommy did his song, and Gunner Sixx (one of Nikki’s son’s) is on the album, as they realised how lucky they are....... “Shout At The Devil '97” – A new version of the 1983 song, off the album with the same name, the original version of this song is great, but this one has a heaver sound to it........ “Generation Swine” – The title song of the album, this track is a little like, The Who’s song, My Generation after all Motley Crue were “always on the run, where’re the generation swine”, also a very catchy tune.
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9.Theatre Of Pain (1985) Report Abuse
This album has been called a fans only, the worst one from the 80’, but I’m a fan, so I still like it, this one had 2 singles taken off it, both of them are good songs, one of them I have already Talked about, and the other is.......”Smoking In The Boys Room” - I have not listened to the original of this song so I’m not going to say it is better than it, as that is just not right. Another song with a great video as well....... “Louder Than Hell” – We are all rockers, so of course we like it loud, it’s just not rock if it’s too quite........ “Use It Or Lose It” – This song has a some very quick beats on it.
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6.Decade Of Decadence ’81-’91 ( 1991) Report Abuse
This is my compilation album placed at sixth, my reason for picking this one above, the rest is this is where it all started for me, as I got this one before Dr Feelgood, because I wanted to see how much I liked them before buying the full album and, so I could hear their older songs as well (although some had been remixed, and one live track, unless you got the Japanese one which had 2 extra live track’s on it, I got one after getting all the Crue albums), hay I was only 16 at the time...... “Home Sweet Home (91’ Remix)” - I prefer the piano in this version it just sounds better to me, maybe its cause, I heard this one before the one on Theatre Of Pain.......”Primal Scream” – One of the three song’s that was recorded for this Album, and a very powerful song, a great song to listen to when you are completely, P**sed Off (playing a fighting game video game is the other one, that work's for me ), it helps me anyway.......”Anarchy In The U.K” – Another one of the new songs for this album, but this time it’s a, Sex Pistols cover, and one that I think is better than the Pistols version, If you’re a Sex Pistols fan, don’t comment unless you have herd Motley’s version.
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10.New Tattoo (2000) Report Abuse
The album with the Randy Castillo on the drums, it not that it’s a bad album, after all it has a dragon on the cover, (I love all, Crue Albums) it’s just not the best one of their albums which is why, it’s my 10th....... “Hell On High Heels” – I just love the video on this song, as it is a cartoon with a she devil in it, and a great way to give Randy, his tribute for being the drummer on this album....... “New Tattoo” – One of the ballad’s on this album, and something that a lot of people do, show off their very good looking girlfriends, but I’m not putting mine on a tattoo (My kids may get one thou, when I get rid of my fear of needles)........”Punched In The Teeth By Love” – Something I think I get a lot, as I’m not that good at chatting up women, cause I hate rejection, so to save me getting punched in the teeth I try to get them to come to me (I am not that good-looking so it don’t work that much).
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