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Motley Crue in 2011 will be on their 30th anniversary (read ‘The Dirt’, for their history it’s a good read), and what I’m doing here is putting 10 albums (based on the first commercial release version) in order of what I think are the best. Up to now thou Motley Crue, have only done 9 full albums (2010), so what I have done is chosen one of the compilation albums. It will be interesting to see how it will change and if one of you puts on one of the other compilation album as I will not put any more albums on after so it is up to you put them on and your 3 must hear Songs, but that doesn’t mean that they were singles off that album it’s just my choice (or your choice), plus why not tell me your songs off the albums if you do not agree with my must hear songs.
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I want some help on this one. I want you to put your City & why you think it is the Best In The World. After all we all think that our City is the best.
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