Best rock festivals 32 items ranked
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Songs by Eminem 100 items ranked
Top 20 songs by Eminem.
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Top 20 Ricky Martin Songs 20 items ranked
The singer from Puerto Rico is truly on of the best romantic singers.
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Best Arlo Guthrie songs 21 items ranked
Folk music at its best.
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Best Marvin Gaye Songs 20 items ranked
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The True Best
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Top Janis Joplin Songs 21 items ranked
Though her career was cut short by her death, Janis Joplin has repeatedly been included in Rolling Stone magazine’s “Top Greatest Artists of All Time” lists.
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The best of orchestral, soloist and brass quintet trumpet players. Please, no jazz players.
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Top Songs of 1970 22 items ranked
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Best Christmas Songs 25 items ranked
All Christmas songs are great. Everyone has their favorites. I researched alot to compile a list deserving of the best 20. Enjoy!!
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