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I've been listening to "The History of Rome Podcast" and it's been getting me thinking about the greatest Roman Emperors of all time. I'm trying to be moderately objective in this, but my goal is not just to put the best administrators or field generals on the list (although both of those things figure into the formula), but to also figure out which men exhibited superior moral character. I should also point out that I am a Christian and am, thus, inclined to overreact against persecuting emperors; I tend to hold it against them, and, thus, often find myself inclined against otherwise very capable leaders, who also might have been quite moral in other areas of their lives. I will try to be objective in assessing them nonetheless. In addition, I would point out that I am just as bothered, if not more so, by Christian emperors who persecuted pagans. Obviously, such behavior brings a bad reputation to the name "Christian".
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