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Which state's landscape is the most flat, treeless, brown and uninspiring?
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Which town/city dominated by an oil refinery is the worst smelling place you've been to?
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Which of London's upmarket 'stockbroker belt' towns in Surrey lives up to the stereotype of being overwhelmingly upper middle-class, White, Anglo-Saxon (meaning native English and not a descendent of recent immigrants), Protestant and Tory voting. Please don't take offence, i'm not trying to marginalise any group. I'm simply planning a short story to write and I need a setting like this for one of the characters. I'm thinking of the kind of place where people generally send their kids to private schools, but not jet-set rich, I'm thinking more professional and managerial upper-middle-class. The kind of place that's home to Surgeons, Barristers, Senior Lecturers, Judges, high-level Civil Servants, Upeer management types in City firms, etc. Note: wealthy and comfortable but not super rich.
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