Ever wondered if you are alone in watching reality tv and why you do it? Here are the top reasons people watch reality tv.
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Best Jom Henson Creations 21 items ranked
From Bear in the Big Blue House to Kermit, a celebration of muppets and muppet-like creatures
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20 Best TV Moms 21 items ranked
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Top Worst Episodes of Lost 20 items ranked
I love it and I hate it. Here are the top episodes of Lost that make you scratch your head and wonder how the writers could possibly have such little thought as to write themselves into corners and create something that ultimately makes no friggin sense.
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Even television characters have to eat. These establishments are their top picks.
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Top 20 TV Bullies 21 items ranked
These characters were the torturers of the playground and masters of the wedgie.
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Top 20 Worst TV Bosses 20 items ranked
Even in a bad economy, you don't want to work for these TV bosses.
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Top Fairies on Media 20 items ranked
A list of some of the most well known fairies of literature, cinema, and comics.
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These companies could advertise by saying "As Seen on TV", but that's the only place you'll ever seen them.
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